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2017 Pegasus winners

Quoting the Facebook post:

We are pleased to announce the winners of this years Pegasus Awards!

Best Perky Song:
“Chocolate is a Vegetable” by Graham Leathers

Best Horror Song:
“Dear Gina” by Seanan McGuire

Best Performer:
Judi Miller

Best Writer/Composer:
(tie) Ju Honisch and Jordin Kare

Best Classic Filk Song:
“Alligator in the House” by Betsy Tinney, Cade Tinney, and Sj Tucker

Best Filk Song:
“We Are Who We Are” by Michelle Dockrey and Tony Fabris
The joyful day!

It's Contest Time!

In April, Cheshire Moon will release it’s third full length CD, The Midnight Contingent. We pick our titles very carefully. All three full length titles have something in common.

Ways of Wind and Water
Crowes and Consequences
The Midnight Contingent

If you see how they are alike, send an email to cheshiremoonband at gmail dot com. The contest will be open until the end of our final 2016 show at Streetcar 209 on Dec 10th. The winner will be announced Sunday the 11th.

Winners will be chosen randomly from all correct answers.

The winner will receive any Cheshire Moon music that they don’t already have, including the upcoming CDs!

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2016 Pegasus Awards - Winners

The winners for the Pegasus award in 2016 are:
Best Filk Song - Creatures of Dream - Batya Wittenberg
Best Classic Filk Song - Take It Back - Kathleen Sloan
Best Performer - Play It With Moxie
Best Writer/Composer - Barry Childs-Helton
Best Adapted Song - Six Transit Genitalia Centauri - Bob Kanefsky
Best Exploration Song - Starsoul - Roger Burton West/ Jodi Krangle
The joyful day!

On The Radio !!!

Cheshire Moon will be on the radio Monday the 26th!

We will be on Local Talk which airs at 7am, Noon, and 7pm Central Time.

We talk about the band, play a couple of songs, and talk about the Concert Window show later in the week. You can listen over the airwaves if you are here in Ames, or stream on their website if you are anywhere else!

The joyful day!

Here it is! The MidAmericon 2 Concert Schedule!

3pm - Classic Filk Campfire Singalong - Erwin S. (Filthy Pierre) Strauss
4pm - Lauren Cox / Blind Lemming Chiffon
5pm - Deirdre Murphy / Lynn Gold
6pm - Mel White / Howard Scrimgeour
7pm - Cheshire Moon

1pm - Clifford McMurray / Bill Laubenheimer
2pm - Bill & Brenda Sutton
3pm - 2x10 Open Mic
4pm - Gary Ehrlich / Trickster & King
5pm - Roberta Rogow / Moira Greyland
6pm - Jen Midkiff
7pm - Kathy Mar

Noon - David Kushner / Katie Daniels
1pm - Sarah Pinsker / Michael Nixon
2pm - 2x10 Open Mic
3pm - Three Fifths
4pm - Cat Faber / Erin Wilcox
5pm - Canticles

1pm - Bradley Denton / Cat Greenberg
2pm - 2x10 Open Mic
3pm - Anna Raftery
4pm - Tomboat

All concerts are in 2505A in the Kansas City Convention Center
Sign up in the music room for the 2X10s, first come first served!

Please feel free to post this anywhere you think it should be posted!
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2015 Pegasus Winners

2015 Pegasus Awards for Excellence in Filk:

Best Time-Related Song: "Precious Moments", Phil Allcock
Best Adapted Song: "Grabthar's Silver Hammer", Steve Macdonald
Best Writer/Composer: Cat Faber
Best Performer: Jeff & Maya Bohnhoff
Best Classic Filk Song: "Captain Jack and the Mermaid", Meg Davis
Best Filk Song: "My Story Is Not Done", Seanan McGuire"

Congratulations to all the winners, and to all the nominees!

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