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Filk Community News

part of The Dandelion Report

Filk Community News (The Dandelion Report)
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I've created a Dandelion Report filk news/announcements page at filknews (community). The main purpose of this page is for filkers to post news of interest to the community, such as weddings, engagements, births, upcoming housefilks, gigs, convention reminders, reasons for celebration, etc. It will be linked from the main Dandelion Report page. Please note that this page is not for posting general chatter (except in comments, of course), but is meant to be a quick way for people to find out news in the filk community. This page is NOT for posting filk songs, party invitations unless open to the filk community in general, critiques, requests for crash space or transportation, "are you going to such-and-such a convention" roll calls...there are already several other good online filk communities for this (see below).

ALL FILKERS (or those interested in filk) WELCOME TO JOIN THIS COMMUNITY! Also see the other filk communities on LJ: filkhaven, filk.

Thanks to Patrick Connors (chatworthy), who has kindly volunteered to post news for those not on LJ or who feel uncomfortable with the LJ format. Do check out Patrick's Arizona filk news page.

For updates to The Dandelion Report resource, please add dandelionreport to your Friends list.